We are pioneer in digital crop monitoring for cost-effective farm management solutions

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Digital Farm Managers

  • We, are a Joint-Venture Digital Farm Management Consulting firm, having international expertise and long experience in developing cost-effective, and customized Farm Management Solutions, using advanced Digital Crop Monitoring & Integrated Farm Operations.
  • We perform remote monitoring of farms and developing efficient operations plans with real-time updates on field and crop conditions, resulting improving farm’s performance and efficiency, increase yield and revenue, conserve water and nutrients.
  • We are specialized in Digital Farm Management to precisely irrigate fields using real-time satellite digital data, performing irrigation systems maintenance, well rehabilitations, hydro-geological studies and downhole geophysical and video camera logging

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    Our Mission

    Our mission is to integrate advanced Digital Crop Monitoring Technology with International Best Farm Management Practices (IBMP) to develop Customized, Cost-effective and Sustainable Farm Management Solutions. Our Services are built on legacy of dedication, innovation, great customer service, timely communication, which lead to automation of farm management resulting, trust of government, industrial farming companies, local and international investors. qOur Irrigation Farm Audit (IFA) results an increase in water efficiency (due to conservation of groundwater), reduces loss of fuels, fertilizers, and soil fertility.


    Long Term Vision

    We believe, globally crop Irrigation should be based on rational irrigation practices, using precise daily crop and farm condition monitoring reports rather than “intuition” or obsolete traditional farming. qIn the uncertain global climatic conditions, changing consumer demands and shifting agricultural trends, our intelligent farm management services provide operational improvements and excellent business performance to government and private agricultural and food (fruits, dairy), companies.


    Global Operations

    We are pioneer in Digital Crop Monitoring Using Advanced Satellite Technology & Cost-effective Farm Management Solution. Saudi Arabia’s growing agriculture industry requires advanced water management technologies for efficient water use, high-tech irrigation equipment's, Low Water Consumption Crops and better Plant Varietie

    Our Services


     We acquire, analyze, evaluate and interpret remote sensing digital data to characterize agricultural farms. We remotely monitor crop health, crop growth, soil moisture, ET, produce daily, weekly, and monthly farm operational reports and communicate interactive way in real-time to Farm Operators/Managers.

    2. Digital Monitoring Of Soil-Water Condition

    We provide soil moisture-based irrigation scheduling for on-demand irrigation systems, such as tube wells, pressurized distribution systems and canals with continuous flow. It deals with micro-irrigation and flood irrigation systems. We provides irrigation schedule for all fields from today, and the past. The satellite measurement of the soil and crop status is integrated with tomorrow’s weather forecast. We compare water supply and water demand that leads to a fair, profitable and sustainable farming.



    We develop customized and cost-effective Farm Management Plans (FMP) for industrial farms for optimal utilization of farm resources including water, fuel, fertilizers machines. We provide precise Crop and Irrigation Scheduling (CIS), coordinated farm machine operations (FMO), estimate farm requirements, appro­pri­ate and effi­cient use of inputs, efficient irrigation, erosion/soil protection; waste management; crop rotation and smarter approach­es to busi­ness plan­ning. This ensures optimal utilization of farm resources and precise irrigation for healthy crops and high revenues. 




    We perform Farm Irrigation Audits (FIA) for irrigation systems, using Agricultural Water Use Management BMPs, developed by Texas Water Development Board of USA.These included BMP02: Measurement of Irrigation Water Use and BMP04: On-Farm Irrigation Audits for assessment of irrigation systems performance


    Over 40

    This will help to replace components and to upgrade the irrigation system. This will increase water efficiency, conserve water and fertilizers as well as reducing risk of nutrients leaking into groundwater.



    We have a dedicated field crew to conduct Hydrogeological investigations of groundwater, drilling new wells, perform rehabilitation of wells and irrigation systems.

    We perform hydrogeologic assessment and aquifer yield, planning groundwater monitoring networks, installing monitoring wells and field data collecting and analysis.




    We perform hydrological modeling to determine long term sustainable “safe Yield” for pumping groundwater of the industrial farms. Groundwater Flow & advanced solute transport Modeling have vast and established applications in groundwater resource evaluation, management, engineering solutions of rising groundwater problems as well as contamination evaluation and remediation application of groundwater modeling technique in solving real-world engineering problems.


    We Perform Geophysical Logging & Downhole Video And Camera Inspection To Investigate The Plugging, Rusting Of Well Casings Or Cavitation Inside The Wells. We Perform:
    • Periodic Inspections To Determine Existing Well Conditions And Perform Preventative Maintenance
    • After Service Inspections To Verify Cleaning, Repairs, Track Well Conditions And Ensure Compliance.
    • Ground Water Monitoring To Determine Quality, Mineral Conditions, Geological Strata Etc.


     Most of the clients including government ministries recognize that EIA provides a mechanism to protect the environment and working place. We provide all of the required skills for the preparation of an EIA: air quality, noise and water; including groundwater, modeling, socio-economic, archeological and heritage issues, planning, traffic, land-use, hydro-geological and visual impact appraisal. We have an extensive experience in applying the EIA process to a wide range of, residential developments, agricultural and industrial projects. We have regularly undertaken:
    • Project screening and scoping
    • Identifying key issues
    • Assessment of impacts
    • Identification of mitigation
    • Development of plants for monitoring, mitigation and managing the environmental consequences.

    International Partners

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    Call: +31-6 - 8316 0996



    4021 AB, Maurik,Netherlands

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    Vinduino Precision Irrigation

    3200 Business Park Drive, Suite 110 Temecula,

    CA 92590, USA


    Expert Team

    Prof. Dr. Wim Bastiaanssen

    Executive Manager Email: :info@irriwatch.com
    Founder & CEO (IrriWatch)

    Prof. Dr. Wim Bastiaanssens

    Dr. Wim leads the IrriWatch team. He is the main developer of the SEBAL model and translates model outputs into practical guidelines for irrigation management. Professor Bastiaanssen is an international academic leader and is engaged as a Visiting Professor at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) and the Kazakhstan Agricultural University (Almaty). He holds a Ph.D. degree from Wageningen University and his main interest is to increase water productivity by means of water conservation in the irrigation sector.

    Dr. Ali Tukhais

    Executive Manager Email: ali.tukhais@dfmanagers.com
    Founder & CEO (Water Expert Bauru)

    Dr. Ayaz Hasan

    Cheif Executive Officer Email: ayaz.hasan@dfmanagers.com
    Technical Manager (Digital Farm Managers)

    Dr. Ayaz Hasan

    Dr. Ayaz Hasan is Water Consultant with over 25 years of experience in government and international consultants for integrated water resource management for agriculture sector. He contributed in development of National Water Strategy in collaboration with World Bank & UNDP. He has long experience in project management of water infrastructure projects.


    Our Focus

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    Agricultural Development Fund of Saudi Arabia

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    Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture of Saudi Arabia

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    Al-Watania Agricultural Development Company

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    Saudi Agricultural and Livestock Investment Company(SALIC)

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    Saudi Agricultural and Livestock Investment Company (SALIC)

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    Al-Marrai Company (MARAI)

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    Takamul National Agricultural Company

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    Al-Jouf Agricultural Development Company (JADCO)

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    National Agricultural Development Company (NADEC)

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    Saudi Agricultural Development Company (INMA)

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    Who We Are

    We are pioneer in digital crop monitoring for cost- effective farm management solutions

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    Riyadh,Saudi Arabia

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    Office Location Garststraat 23 4021 AB, Maurik, Netherlands

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    Pakistan, Karachi

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